Amy (amydugrey) wrote,

Damn Lazy Computers

My parents said I could have their old computer for when I move out on my own. Cool. Yesterday I was looking for some old files I needed on my parents' new computer and they weren't here. I realized I hadn't transfered them from the old. I went hunting for the old computer, found it, and realized it doesn't have a screen any longer because the old one burned out. So today, I took my parents new screen (and their keyboard, as it turned out) and hooked it up to the old computer so I could get my files. I set the whole thing up and went to turn it on and... nothing happened. Well, no, that's not entirely accurate. It made a little whirring sound like it was trying to start and then nothing happened. So now I'll have to take it in to some computer place to get it fixed or something. Sometimes, I really hate computers.

I am annoyed

I'm listening to Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
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