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Braccae tuae aperiuntur

9 December 1981
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I was born and raised in California's east Bay Area. I graduated from CSU Hayward (it's Hayward to me, dammit) in June of 2006 with a bachelor's in Business Administration. The following August, I moved to a small town in southern Washington. I'm forgetting what the sun looks like, but otherwise I love it here. I spend much my free time at my parents' where I visit my chihuahua, Zoe, and attempt to be useful to them as they build their house. I can often be found reading, watching DVDs, or on the occasional Playstation or Nintendo DS binge. I love movies and live for music. I have my entire mp3 collection cataloged in Excel. I love hiking and camping, but rarely do either. I like to pretend I can cook, ccasionally try with mixed results, and love to watch the experts on Food Network. I'm addicted to Gilmore Girls but also consider Alias, Buffy, Dawson's Creek, Scrubs, and Reno 911 to be among my favorite shows. My greatest ambition at the moment is to take pictures of all the kitchy coffee shacks around this town and make a cool photo collage out of them. I love the smell of wet pavement. I hate dancing. I drink far too much coffee, if there is such a thing, especially since I found out that cheap gas station coffee is actually good. I love to stay up late and sleep in until noon. I think the stick figures on caution signs are hilarious.