Amy (amydugrey) wrote,

I Have New Stuff

Holy crap, I haven't updated since April. I like my new job, but I didn't start it until the end of May (HR seriously dragged their feet, methinks). I just got an apartment and move in on September 1. I can not be more stoked about that. It's about time I finally move out. And since this is my first apartment, I've had to shop for a lot of stuff and I do love the shopping, even if it's just for stuff like mixing spoons and glass cleaner. As of right now I don't have a computer (or, you know, one that actually WORKS... details, details) but I have high hopes of fixing my old one or buying a new one. I've been keeping busy and missing all sorts of televison I should be watching. And Tams, if you haven't even seen one episode of Alias by the next time I talk to you, I'm... um... I've got nothing to threaten because I'm still going to talk to you n'stuff, but I'll be very disapointed. :)
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