Amy (amydugrey) wrote,

Dear California, I Miss You.

I got some writing done. Finally.

Last night was the first night in a long time I really missed California. Usually I'm pretty happy to be here in Washington, but I got to thinking about all the people and places I used to see all the time and I missed it all. And then I got this image of being on the freeway overpass seeing the traffic at a dead stop in both directions and it made me feel a little better. Man, I hated that traffic.

Today, my aunt and uncle were gone, they have family visiting and they were showing them around, so the house was all quiet. I hadn't completley shaken the lonely feeling from the night before, so I got in my car with no destination and drove around for a little while. I quickly decided that's a little expensive, driving around aimlessly, so I just went out to my parents'. That did absolutely nothing to help my boredom. They were all working on stuff out there, stuff I can't really help with, so I just went home.

Bored yet? Yeah, me too.

I am lonely

I'm listening to Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand
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