Amy (amydugrey) wrote,

To DreamHost, Or Not To DreamHost

I got about a paragraph written and it's total crap. I was just depressing myself so I just went to bed. I'll try again tomorrow. Because tomorrow... is another day.

I started a layout for Gossip Girl Central. So far, so good. I don't know where to host it. Right now all of my hosting is with E-Starr, but looking around I'm finding other places that are cheaper. For example, DreamHost looks awesome. But I've always had really good service with E-Starr. Their sale ends on the 27th, so I really need to make a decision. I know this is a completely futile plea, but if anyone can give me any information on Dream Host, it would be appreciated muchly.

I am tired

I'm listening to Nothing Left to Lose by Mat Kearney (video! yay!)
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